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Control4® home automation systems have an unmatched array of features and functionality right out of the box. But, that’s not all. Because our products natively utilize the same standards-based IP communication that powers the Internet, Control4 system capabilities can be further extended through a variety of Internet-based Services. services

An assortment of Internet Services are already integrated for free use with every Control4 system.

Music and Movie Identification – Control4 provides technology to automatically identify and retrieve metadata and cover art for a homeowner’s CD, DVD, Blu-ray and MP3 collections. This enables powerful media management and a rich browsing experience from any Control4 user Interface.

TV Channel Lineups – Control4 systems also retrieve a list of available TV channels and icons based on a homeowner’s location and TV content provider for quick navigation to favorite channels.

Radio Station Lineups – Control4 systems can retrieve a similar list of available AM, FM, XM, and Sirius radio stations based on a user’s location, for quick and easy listening.

Software Updates – Control4 systems have been engineered to allow dynamic updating. Systems can retrieve and install the desired software packages via the Internet.

4Sight Subscription Internet Services

Control4 offers additional premium Internet services that extend the functionality of a Control4 system and enable anytime, anywhere access to a home. These services are distributed as an affordable bundled subscription through Control4 dealers.

Remote Home Monitoring & Control – Provides homeowners with peace of mind by enabling monitoring and control of devices and systems in the home from anywhere via a common Internet connection.

Remote Home Programming & Support – Enables Control4 dealers to quickly and conveniently assist customers without the expense and hassle associated with the traditional service call. Dealers can remotely connect to a Control4 system via the Internet using Control4’s powerful Composer software and perform ongoing system personalization and support as if on site.

Email Notifications – A Control4 home automation system can also send personalized email messages to any desired email address based on events within the home, providing homeowners with increased awareness and peace of mind.

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